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Imagine how nice it would be to finally be free of unhelpful habits or negative patterns of thinking.


Hypnotherapy is a relatively fast and effective way to change deep-seated mental programming and to address unwanted behaviors. By bringing awareness to the subconscious and learning tools to help “rewire” brain patterns, change becomes so much easier. 

As a hypnotherapist, one of the ways I work is by inviting the client into a state of deep relaxation. In such a relaxed state, the client can better access what is at the heart of an issue.  People who have suffered for years from addictions, phobias, anxiety, digestive disorders, sleep problems and other health and emotional issues have found relief after just a few hypnotherapy treatments!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an ongoing supportive relationship that not only helps you identify what your goals are, and what might be getting in the way to achieving them, it helps you come up with specific action plans to put that goal into motion. By meeting regularly, I then hold clients accountable to make sure they are following through with their plan of action, or adjust the plan if necessary. 

It's a beautiful synergy when clients sign up for a life-coaching package, and then, if they hit a deeper block or pattern, they can explore hypnotherapy as a way to break through the blockage. I also teach hypnotic tools and techniques to use in between sessions so they can keep the feelings from their session fresh, in the days and weeks to come.

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