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Wash Away Worry

Join my colleague and I for a truly comprehensive program that combines mental, emotional, and hypnotic tools with nutrition and supplement suggestions so that you are able to dial down your nervous system on all fronts. It is designed to be taken over a 7-week period, but since it is virtual, you can pace it at a cadence that suits your schedule.


What exactly can you expect from this class?


  • 30-60 minute video recordings each week, providing the bulk of the content

  • Destressing techniques to practice between sessions

  • Unique journal prompts and meditations to listen to on your own time

  • Nutritional and supplement suggestions

  • Breathing practices

  • Discounted rate for any individual coaching sessions to dive even deeper and help address your specific questions and needs!

This class is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for details!

What participants say

I loved this class.  I learned a ton about what my body, mind and soul need to function at its best and bring more peace into my life.  I have already put some of the strategies into practice and have seen positive outcomes.  The world would be a better place if this class was mandatory learning for all.

- Nancy C.

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