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Siri - from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!! The work we have done has changed my life and I will always be grateful!!

- Kristen N., San Francisco CA

I was skeptical about my ability to be hypnotized, so I was really pleasantly surprised when Siri easily whisked me away into a kind of guided meditative state. She helped me tap into my subconscious and remember key positive events that had been overshadowed, in order to give me the confidence to complete a daunting project. I've been recommending her to all my friends! Definitely a worthwhile investment.

- Diane Davidson, owner of Cast Iron chef, Nutritionist, personal chef

Siri has a warmth and knowledge that made changing my health habits & food habits easy, and dare I say, super fun! Every week, I looked forward to our playtime together, where I uncovered my personal blocks, I felt seen and heard, and learned HOW to move forward into a lifestyle that healthfully supports my mind, body and soul. Siri has a wealth of knowledge, and uses that to make a personalized plan for ME. Co-creating a new lifestyle with her guidance helped me immensely!

- Maria Tranquilli, Business and Lifestyle coach

I went to Siri for help with nutrition and/or for Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage. Siri is knowledgable and very attentive. She can give you small tweaks to try in your diet, or help you with a major overhaul - and the addition of abdominal massage seems to have a calming effect on my nervous system and on my digestion. The overall experience of Chi Nei Tsang seems very relaxing for me when I'm actually getting the treatment too, and Siri's treatment space is also very conducive to relaxation.

- Newt Baily, Expert Workplace Communicator

My husband and I began seeing Siri for nutritional guidance and weight loss. We continue to use her services as needed, but after an initial detox, I signed on for a 6 month program. During that time, I not only gained the knowledge needed to eat well but lost 24 lbs in the process. (My husband lost 25) Siri is extremely knowledgeable concerning all things nutrition and how best to feed and move your body to feel your best. She helped me greatly with reducing daily stress and improving negative self-talk. She is calm, kind and so easy to talk to. I am grateful for her generosity and patience as she taught me some of the most valuable lessons about my own body.

- Michelle R., Austin TX

My friend recommended hypnosis to me, so I thought I would give it try. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but Siri put me immediately at ease. she has a way about her that exudes calm, a sort of knowing that makes you feel  safe  and understood. I guess I would liken hypnosis to guided meditation, except in addition to being relaxing, it also brought up some really valuable information and healing. I'm so glad my first experience with hypnotherapy was with Siri. i have already booked my next one with her! she is truly in the right profession. Every step of the way it was apparent how talented she is. I am grateful I found her!

- Danielle Brandon, hair stylist at Bijoux salon, SF

Siri brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom from her diverse backgrounds in health, art, education and environmental studies to individual sessions and ongoing classes. But! The best part is you get Siri. She's inclusive, sunny, always has interesting thoughts, perspectives, new activities or a recipe to try. I certainly feel a I-can-do-it! attitude after classes with Siri.

- Danya Shegoleff, MA Integrative Health Studies, Wellness Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner 

I've been receiving Chi Nei Tsang from Siri for over 2 years, and have received CNT for over 5 years from other practitioners.  I love this rare type of body work/organ massage, my body responds very well to it, it transforms me and I go into different states of awareness in my being. I feel completely relaxed and sometimes fall into a deep sleep for part of the session. Siri is an excellent practitioner offering calm energy and is present while working on me. I feel her full attention on me, and safe to do whatever I need to do for myself whether I laugh, cry, sleep or otherwise.  She listens carefully to my needs and has a gentle, kind presence that I appreciate being around. Thank you for all your great work on me! 

- Renda Rabbit, Event Planner, San Francisco

I just finished my one year journey working with Siri and I'm so thankful she has been my nutritional coach. Before I met Siri, I spent 15 years trying to lose weight by trying every diet I could find on the internet. I would loose weight but would not keep it off for long...right back to my old habits. After my 2nd diagnosis with breast cancer (and now cancer free) and being overweight I took my daughter's advise and reached out to a professional nutritionist. As luck would have it, I found Siri.! She has been my coach, my cheerleader and encourager during this journey and I've lost 43 pounds with only 5 more to go to reach my goal.

She gave me a better understanding about vitamins, sugar, dairy, gluten, meat, vegetables, caffeine and alcohol in a way that I could understand how it affects a person's body...then it all just started to click with me. After my 10 day detox, I was already feeling better physically and excited to take the next steps. I learned I could still make good decision whether eating at home or eating out. And if I did go off plan - that's ok to just enjoy that meal and start right back on plan with the next meal without feeling guilty. Siri really cared about what was going on in my in personal life and my career. She taught me that mental health and physical health were equally important to living a healthy life. She coached me through many things that will help me as I make decisions going forward on my own.

My life has changed. I no longer have sugar cravings (specially ice cream) or have a desire to return to my old eating habits. My body and mind are now healthy and it just feels normal - not a diet. And not to mentioned I hated exercise and she gently encouraged me to do some type of exercise, even if for 10 minutes a day and I did just that - 10 minutes a day no more. :) Nine months into my working with Siri, I decided to start walking and I walk about 15 miles a week now and love it! So if you are looking for a life change, you should reach out to Siri. She will help change your life! You will find yourself with the best coach and a new friend that will help you reach your goal to be a better version of yourself. Thanks Siri. Forever grateful.

- Kathy J.

After suffering for many years with abdominal problems: Helicopbacter phlyori and Leaky Gut Syndrome plus recovering from Endometerosis surgery I was very eager to try the Chi Nei Tsang belly massage and Wow! It was the most amazing, comforting feeling I have ever experienced. It seemed to completely relax all my internal organs. I was in a state of bliss afterwards with the relaxation and relief from symptoms.  Her nutritional recommendations were extremely helpful as well---my digestion is so much better knowing what foods and supplements to both take and avoid. Siri is so intuitive and a true professional and delivers this amazing treatment with love and care! What a combination of healing! Totally Blessed to have found you Siri. Thank you!!!

- Marie Bradley, Marie Bradly Health Concepts, Ballinamore, Ireland

Siri is a natural healer and makes you feel immediately relaxed and comfortable. Her soothing voice and confidence put me right at ease. I worked on a trauma I had used EMDR on in the past but it did not feel complete. Using hypnotherapy, Siri supported the healing process and I went away feeling more hope and lightness than when I walked in. Thank you Siri for your care and be sure I will come back for more!

- Abbie Zimmerman, LCSW, San Francisco

I started working with Siri to deal with anxiety and coffee addiction, along with other issues that were keeping the problem in place (like perfectionism and fear). In my first 3 sessions, Siri offered me practical life strategies, nutritional guidelines, and some really useful supplements, along with a guided visualization, some hypnosis and hands on table work.  I was also given a recording to play at night to relax my jaw before sleep.

The best way to describe this work is to say that it is holistic and dynamic, but also relaxing; the energy is always peaceful and every session is different.  Siri works intuitively from different angles, and I'm sure every client will have their own unique experience.  I do feel better and stronger through this work, and have experienced some recent life manifestations to prove it.  Thanks Siri!

- Pamela C.

My sessions with Siri have been a true gift. I have received hypnotherapy as well as abdominal massage. She has helped me to find new strategies and loving ways to approach my personal journey of self-discovery. Siri is centered, calm and kind. Her demeanor makes you feel safe and cared for. Each session with Siri has opened up new understanding and tools for better digestion, strategies to transition out of anxious patterns and awareness of new patterns ready to be anchored into my everyday life. I highly recommend Siri to support you on your path. She a natural healer with a rich wheelhouse of intuitive gifts and understanding of the human experience.

- Elizabeth Traina, Muralist & Arts Educator, New York

I recently had a session with Siri to work on anxieties around public speaking. It was my first hypnotherapy session and I wasn't sure what to expect. Siri's office is calming from the moment you walk into the facility. Her voice is soothing and warm, and she walked me through the entire process before starting the session. We tried a couple different techniques and Siri moved seamlessly through them to find what works best for me. At the end of the session, I left feeling calm and centered. The most important change I felt was how I view the world around me - I literally left feeling a wider peripheral vision. Highly recommend Siri for any symptoms of anxiety!

- Becca S.

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