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I offer a range of online courses and in-person courses depending on your needs. These courses are perfect for individuals, groups, corporate environments, schools, or more intimate environments. Please see my offerings below, and reach out if you have any questions.

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Wash Away Worry

There is plenty for us to worry about in today's climate, and while some is unavoidable, a lot of the fear cripples us more than serves us. If you have a tendency to excessively worry, overthink, stress, or even spiral into anxiety about everything from the small to the big stuff, this class is for you. This transformational program is designed for you to rewrite old fearful tendencies and step into the fullness of life with that more trust, ease, and joy.

Stress Relief

Book a class in stress relief at your workplace...what a great way to shift the culture at work!

This class is offered as a one-off, a series of three, or on-going, depending on the needs of your organization. It covers the science of stress, how it affects health and adrenals, brain functioning, and sleep.


This class includes simple exercises and tools to help organize and calm the mind, along with nutritional tips to help combat the effects of stress. Visualizations and meditations are incorporated to help participants experience slower, more relaxed brain waves. This is a great way to reset after a stressful day or project, and return to work feeling renewed rather burnt out.

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Hypnotic Sound Bath

Glow and grow with a sound bath coupled with a guided journey that takes you to deep meditative places in your subconscious.


I use a combination of singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, flute, drum, and chimes to calm the nervous system & take you on a healing journey. I can personalize the theme of the hypnotic meditations to weave throughout the sound experience, depending on the goals of your group. Consider adding-on a creative art-making experience at the end, to help integrate the take-aways from the sound bath!

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