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Nutritional Counseling

As the old proverb goes, “You are what you eat," or as I like to say, "You are what you digest." Unfortunately, so much of modern food and beverages are loaded with chemicals, additives, and stripped of nutrients that it’s not easy to find true nourishment. Also, there is such conflicting information with the latest health craze, that it’s hard to know what’s actually good for you.  

My approach to nutrition is based on eating as many fresh, unprocessed, whole, organic foods as possible. I am practical and specific when giving nutritional advice, and I consider the needs of each individual. 

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Creating healthy habits

When individuals discover which foods are hindering their health and which are helpful, they find more energy and emotional balance. Hypnosis, in conjunction with nutritional counseling, can help people implement new healthy eating habits. I'm amazed at how effective the two are when practiced together for helping people reach their healthiest potential!

Even though my approach is food based, I also work with specific supplements to help address certain issues or provide the body with extra support for rebuilding. My goal is to nourish a solid, healthy system that feels vital in daily life and strong enough to bounce back after the occasional indulgence. I believe true enjoyment of food comes from appreciating simple, fresh, and well-prepared foods that are compatible with long-term health.

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