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Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Chi Nei Tsang was developed thousands of years ago by Taoist monks in the mountains of China. They found that it increased energy levels needed for meditation and brought about improved overall health.  It is a powerful form of massage focusing on the abdominal region, where so many of the vital organs and the intestinal tract is located. 


When one experiences stress or negative emotions, there is a tightening of parts of our abdomen, blocking of essential oxygen and chi (energy flow).  This is when digestive problems, chronic diseases, and aches and pains in other parts of the body manifest. 

Chi Nei Tsang helps to release built-up tensions and emotions by massaging chi into vital organs, points along meridian pathways, and the intestinal tract.  This can help digestive, metabolic, nervous, reproductive, & circulatory systems to function more efficiently again. The practice of Chi Nei Tsang does not attempt to cure illness, but rather, it works with the breath & body to make it more relaxed and aware of what it needs to inspire change in itself. 

Many people have found Chi Nei Tsang to be especially helpful with digestion and detoxification of the body. It's also beneficial for sleep disorders, fertility challenges, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), nervous disorders such as anxiety and depression, auto-immune disorders such as Lupus and chronic fatigue, and in recovering from injury or surgery.

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