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Dealing with Uncertainty (Part Two)

In my last blog post, I shared that uncertain feeling that was sitting heavy in my gut about my upcoming move to Austin. How a rainy winter trip with a household full of sick kids and husband, coupled with the uncertainty of starting a life from scratch in a new city, while giving up the life I loved to make the move, all created the perfect storm.

What helped calm my sadness, doubt, and anxiety about the impending move was in the throws of uncertainty, to be able to wonder and be curious about what good could come out of this difficult time. I looked back at other challenging situations I’d been through, and with hindsight on my side, I could see there was almost always a silver lining.

Whether it was getting a parasite traveling abroad that years later prompted my interest in digestion and health and an entirely new career path, or the blowup fight with my mom that brought certain issues to a head and made it possible to carve out new agreements in our relationship, nine times out of ten, something good came out of horrible situations (even if that good was learning what not to do again!)

In this case, the silver lining of my mini-freak-out about my major life change was that it helped to better prepare me for it. The difficult conversation with my husband about my worst fears when it came to the move, lit a fire under us to do things to make the landing softer.

I realized that part of the issue I was having was not feeling like there was any space for me in the house I’d be moving into---nothing that made it feel like my home. So we cleared closets, hung artwork, bought a bigger couch so we could all fit on it, and started converting the garage into an art space/guest room.

By the time I arrived in April, I now had a closet and a dresser to unpack my stuff into, a mostly converted garage to begin to make into an art studio, and a place to call home. While there was still much to be done, the actual move became far easier than I had anticipated---within days I was already excited about my new life.

I have some vague memory of a children’s story or song that was about climbing a hill and just as the character is about to get so excited to make it to the top, they look ahead and see that there is another hill directly in front of them. That’s life, right? Some of the hills are steeper than others, and sometimes there’s more time between them to coast, but there’s always another GD hill!

While it wasn’t a huge mountain, my next hurdle became finding an office space. Easy, right? Well, not exactly when rental prices have recently blown up in Austin and many of the spaces I saw were downright funky.

It was one of those catch 22’s where I didn’t have any clients yet in Austin, but I knew that I would need a space in order to manifest work. And, how would I avoid depleting the bank account in the process?

I began my sleuthing, reaching out to alternative and non-so-alternative healing practices to see if anyone was open to renting out their space just a day or two per week. I checked out about 8 spots, and in the end, was deciding between 3 of them, weighing each of their pluses and minuses.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there were times throughout this process of office-space hunting that my uncertainty about starting a practice from scratch here, didn’t rear it’s ugly head. Most of the other people I came across seemed so settled in their practices. How would I begin to make myself known in a city where I only knew a handful of people?

What I’ve come to understand about these self-doubting and unsure voices that come up especially when a situation is highly unknown, is that:

  1. These self-doubting voices are normal, they are the voices of worry that try to keep us safe---in this case, by not over-extending my spending before having a chance to grow professionally.

  2. Some of these voices may be worth listening to and others are like that overly worried grandma: “Are you sure you’re not going to be too cold outside? What if something terrible were to happen??” It’s best to pat them on the shoulder, assure them you’ll be OK and remind them of all the ways you are prepared for what lies ahead.

  3. There’s no need to believe all these questioning doubtful voices. Instead, use them as fuel to motivate and be that much more proactive in what wants to be achieved.

  4. Sometimes, when an answer isn’t clear, it just requires more time or research before the solution clicks in.

The beauty of this uncertain quest, was that along the way, even in office spaces I knew wouldn’t work, I made connections and planted seeds. I could hear the lyrics, “Life’s a journey, not a destination….” playing in the background.

I met an acupuncturist and a naturopath and we collaborated on a Spring Wellness workshop, I connected with a yoga instructor to include sounding and singing bowls during her regular Wednesday classes, and I’ve met people who are interested in referring clients for hypnotherapy. By no means are people knocking down my door, but they are beginnings.

And, I decided on a part-time office space! It’s at Nutritional Wisdom, amongst a team of well-respected nutritionists, in a perfectly artsy Victorian building, just 7 minutes from my house. (It’s funky in the best of ways.)

Like a blank canvas, the unknown is at times downright daunting, Yet, possibility can be exhilarating, and often, it’s just a matter of how we frame it.

I’m offering a 5-session deep-dive called “Facing Uncertainty” to help support others through their decision-making process and major life changes. Sessions can be done in person or remotely. I’m offering a discounted rate on remote sessions through the month of June. Book your free consult under the “contact” tab on my website.

I hope this finds you well!


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